My name is Joseph Wheeler, I’m a third year audio production student at the University of Lincoln in the UK. 

I’m an audio/visual/broadcast (AV) technician.

I’ve spent a fair amount of time working behind the scenes for various projects, setting up various bits of tech and ensuring everything runs smoothly for radio shows, podcasts, livestreams, films and more. I also occasionally host some radio shows and make some music.

I got into audio and broadcast engineering from a very young age, when I discovered the wonders of a 4-track cassette deck and made a small ‘radio station’ and podcast with a group of friends in high school.

Since then i’ve got a diploma in media production and worked on many projects, from recording small bands and artists in the studio, to working an audio/visual mix for live events.

Over the years, I’ve also gained and expanded my knowledge on a multitude of hardware and software implementations, such as Myriad Playout, ENCO DAD, the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Blackmagic Broadcast Hardware and Davinci Resolve.

As of now, I manage, run and design the student radio station from the University of Lincoln ‘Brayford Radio’, you can tune-in at 

I’ve also recently launched a brand new project called ‘Brayford After Dark’ or ‘’ a music discovery platform designed by students that brings together artists and bands to host a live gig on the internet every week, or hopefully in the future multiple times a week! We aim to livestream Mondays at 9PM at – go give us a follow if you like! 


I’m always looking for new projects to help out on no matter the size, so don’t be afraid to give me a shout if you need a hand with anything!